> >From Zap2it, > Julu 15th/2002 > > **'Charmed' to Be Irish** > > Late last year, independent film star Rose McGowan was > having a hard time coping with the long hours and relentless > schedule of the Sunday-night series "Charmed," on > which she plays Paige, the long-lost half sister of the > Halliwell siblings (Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano). > > Used to an unpredictable movie life, McGowan drew on innate > abilities to manage the situation. > "It's very hard for movie actors," she reveals during the > network's up-front presentation to advertisers in New York. > "It's probably easier to get a sitcom. > The thing with movies is, you have a life punctuated by work, and > this is like work punctuated by a little personal life. > I do like the other side. > I love having my lazy days; I think everybody does." > > "Being on a 90-hour-a-week schedule is tough. But I'm a trouper. > I do whatever I have to do. I'm Irish. I pull up my work straps, just > keep going. Irish people, I generally find, have a really > strong work ethic. > We do what we have to do, get down in the trenches, buckle down. > Or you put on a lot of lip gloss and fake it." > > Born in Italy as one of six children of an Irish father and a > French mother, McGowan moved to the United States when > she was nine years old. > A chance encounter in Los Angeles led her to be cast in > writer-director Gregg Araki's 1995 film "The Doom Generation." > > After several indie film roles -- including one in "Southie," as > the sister of Donnie Wahlberg's character -- McGowan took a > chance on television last year and signed on to the fourth > season of "Charmed." > > The character of Paige -- given up for adoption because she was > the result of a forbidden love affair involving the Halliwells' > mother -- was created in the wake of the departure of original > series star Shannen Doherty, whose character, Prue, was killed off. > > Because her father was a White Lighter, a mystical guardian of good > witches, Paige has interesting magical abilities, including "orbing," > which involves popping instantly from place to place. > > Thrown into the deep end of the witch world, Paige spent the last year > coping with her new sisters and their strange existence, which includes > regular battles -- and even occasional romances-- with demons. > > Sporting long brunette locks and hip-hugging pants as Paige, > McGowan says the most fun of the past season was "wearing cute, sassy > clothes. > I buy a lot of my own clothes. > I like to wear what I like to wear. > It's not necessarily what I would wear, but I like very much > designing characters. I'm very hands-on." > > As to flashing a lot of bare belly, McGowan says, > "Well, you know, what are you going to do? Gotta do it. > I don't like showing my [breasts] as much, so I think the belly > was a safer area." > > "Charmed" fans might have a hard time recognizing McGowan in New York. > Her dark curls are gone, replaced by a sleek, chin-skimming style > in light auburn, which sets off her pale sweater and leather skirt. > > "I got really tired of looking like myself," McGowan explains. > "I could be blessed with red hair, but I'm not. > But I don't think I like natural red hair as much as the choice > of red hair." > > Although The WB had a panic attack when "Felicity" star Keri Russell > chopped her long, curly locks, McGowan's new 'do hit smooth sailing. > > "[Producer Brad Kern) loved it. > They were all over it. > I just tried it out on [WB Entertainment Chief] Jordan Levin. > He loved it. He was the only person I was worried about. I'm in." > > For a long time, McGowan was romantically linked with shock > rocker Marilyn Manson, but these days, she says, > "My secret thing is probably the blond, blue-eyed Iowa boy." > > In the 4th season opener, Paige had a boyfriend, played by Jordan > Bridges, but the Halliwells' perpetual demon danger torpedoed that > romance. > After that, things became rocky for Paige. > > "In the beginning, every week, there was a new dude," McGowan says, > "and I complained, 'Come on now!' > Then I went to being the total opposite. > So if we can find a happy middle. I don't have to be a total slut, > but I also don't have to be Miss Nun." > > Asked if she has a preference for human or demon, McGowan replies, > "Oh, I don't care. As long as they don't have goofy makeup on, > I don't care. > No horns. Not down with the horns." > > However, McGowan doesn't mind if one of Paige's former paramours, Glen > Belland (Jesse Woodrow), makes a return appearance. > "I'm lobbying for him to come back. > Now that I've remembered him and put it in my brain, > there'll be a chance. > He was a sweetheart." > > Although McGowan enjoys her stint on "Charmed," which has moved > into its fall slot on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET, she doesn't > plan to make television her career. > "I was never interested in doing television," she says. > "I don't think I still would ever do a show from the pilot, > because that would mean you potentially have five years. > That's a commitment I can't live with." > > "Even if 'Charmed' goes seven years, it will still only be three > for me, so it's worth it. > I like the get-in, get-out thing, hop on the train while it's > moving. > My attention span is such that it doesn't last that long." >

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