Do you have any favorite episodes of Charmed? I do...I've posted some of my favs, and if you wanna send me your favs, e-mail me and I'll put them up!!!

Season One

Dead Man Dating
I love this episode because it's really cute and cool. The whole relationship between Piper and Mark was just like...they were like soulmates and they didn't even meet until he died. The humor in the episode rocked too. The ending scene, when the 3 of them are at Mark's funeral, made me just sob. I love emotional episodes like that.

The Wendigo
What Charmed fan doesn't love this episode. It's like, Piper at her very best. I could not help cracking up when she said "screw you bitch" to Phoebe. It's like the wendigo made her do a 360 and it was hilarious. The ending scene when she was naked in the park was soooo funny!!! (I think my little brother actually starting drooling LOL) The whole episode was cool.

The Witch is Back
I really loved the plot in this episode. It was full of twists and stuff and was really well written. :) I especially loved Phoebe's line: "Quick! Have your way with him!!!" and when Melinda asked what do they do to keep their legs warm, even my parents cracked up when prue says: "we drink coffee". :) That warlock dude, Mathew Tate, was such a dumbass that it was actually funny. :)

That 70's Episode
My first episode. I saw this episode on July 28th, 1999 and it singlehandedly made me fall in love with Charmed from the very first second. I kicked myself every day for not taping it until they finally replayed it mid-season in 2000. (Note: Thanks WB!) This was the first time travel episode in what began the tradition for a time travel episode in each season. (2nd: Morality Bites. 3rd: All Halliwell's Eve, 4th: Paige from the Past) Patty and Grams are awesome, and little Prue and Piper are adorable. What fan doesn't love this episode to death?

Is there a Woogy in the house?
This is definatly one of the best episodes if you're a huge Phoebe fan, like me. :) I thought the term "woogy" instead of boogy is soooo cute! And Prue's "would that be the phoebe-jeebies?" line was awesome. Another steller line was...PRUE: "I don't like earthquakes but I don't go running through the house screaming run for your life either" PHOEBE: "that is so not true...I was wearing slippers!!!" hee hee. And Phoebe's dark side was really great. She's such a sweetie, seeing her play someone evil was cute. Awesome acting by Alyssa. :)

Blind Sided
I loved this whole episode, but what I really loved was when Prue had to use her powers to save Andy. I was like "YES! Finally!" That was definatly the highlight of the episode. And Phoebe was such a sweetie to that guy, you can't help but love her.

Love Hurts
This one has to be one of the more emotional episodes. I think even guys who were watching got a little teary-eyed when Piper was crying after Leo died. And at the end, right before they were vanquishing Alec, Phoebe goes "Son of a--" and then sends him flying was an awesome part. I loved the whole episode, and awesome acting by Holly Marie Combs

Deja Vu All Over Again
A great ending to a great first season. This episode was heartbreaking and wonderful. The death of Andy was tragically necessary, and portrayed beautifully. I still ask myself "well, what if they had reset time and found a way to keep Andy alive??" The use of Tempest and Rodrigez as partners was an interesting duo, and this whole episode was extrodinary.

Season Two

Witch Trials
This was such an awesome episode to start the 2nd season with. It had so much happen and such awesome writing. The part where piper and phoebe get naked in the park is hilarious!!! The whole episode rocks, and it's been the start to an awesome 2nd season.

The Painted World
I really loved this one because it was just....awesome. There's no other word to describe it...those who have seen it probably agree. I love the whole smart spell thing and when Phoebe kicks that guy's ass, it totally rocks

They're Everywhere
Ok, before I start, I just wanna comment on the fashion sense of this episode. Very awesome. :) (Especially Phoebe's wardrobe...kick ass) There was tons of humor in this episode, and tons of awesome special effects and awesome-ness. (I love that word...can ya tell?) Anyways, the entire episode kicks ass and is defiantly at the top of my favorite list.

P3 H20
This is one of my favs because of the whole plot of it. It's an episode that you can watch over and over again and it wouldn't get boring. I love the ending where Sam and Patty were reunited. :) the whole episode is so awesome and definatly 5 star quality.

Ms. Hellfire
This is like, Prue at her very best. :) The plot and dialogue of this ep was right on and I LOVE Bane. :) I thought it was so funny when Prue goes nuts andn starts throwing stuff at piper and phoebe and pheoebe's like "crazy sister...crazy sister" LOL What can I say about this ep besides...IT ROCKS!!!

Heartbreak City
I love Cupid so much. :) And Phoebe was the main charcater was rockin. The whole scene when he was trying to show her how to stir was so adorable. And when Piper and Prue are sitting on the couch and prue goes "are you scum?" and piper says "No I'm not scum" and Prue says "No I didn't think you were" was so cute. I could babble on forever on how much I love this episode rocks and how much I love it. :) Heartbreak City is definatly my all time favorite episode

This is what I like to call, the turning point of season 2. SO much happened in this ep. Prue quit bucklands...she dumped jack...leo's back...leo's a mortal...pheobe's a college student...etc. I really loved the sisterly love aspect in this episode. Especially Phoebe since she's the most lovey-dovey. She makes me want to have her as an older sister!!! I'd probably rate this as my 2nd favorite episode, only because I HATE seeing Phoebe cry. :( Sad sad Sad. The acting in the episode is amazing.

Chick Flick - My All-time Favorite Episode (See The Official Chick Flick Fanlisting)
I was on vacation in Hawaii when I saw this one and it was the absolute funniest episode ever. It's my favorite Charmed episode. I just love the entire storyline and the best part is the shower scene where Piper and Prue scream at each other, Bloody Mary walks in, they scream and get the hell out of there and then run into Billy and Phoebe and everyone starts screaming. LOL It makes me snicker just thinking about it. ;)

Apocalypse, Not!
I thought this one was sooo awesome! The plot was incredible and the acting was amazing. There's nothing else I can say but: WOW! This ep is one the best Charmed episodes ever.

Season Three

The Honeymoon's Over
Awesome. That's the first word to come to my mind when describing this episode. From start to finish, it is so incredible. It's my 2nd favorite episode & it seems that it's in most Charmed fan's top 5 favorites. The introduction of Cole, the engagement of Piper & Leo, Phoebe's new power, and who could forget that awesome fight scene at the end, THO is one of the best Charmed episodes ever.

All Halliwell's Eve
This is one of the best written Charmed eps. It had a lot of pressure to be good since it was the much anticipated Halloween episode. I don't understand why it didn't get more publicity and more reviews because it was such a great episode. I loved how they drew from the Halloween of old for the magic aspect & the revelation of the Charmed Ones saving Melinda completes Melinda's prophecy.

Sight Unseen
I really liked the parallels between demonic evils and human evils for this episode. I never saw Abby as the stalker coming, and the use of Troxa the Invisible Demon was great too. This was probably my 2nd favorite Prue episode (I just can't put it before Ms. Hellfire) and I always look forward to watching it.

Sleuthing with the Enemy
Ah, the final climax to the Belthazor story line. I was actually sad to see it go because I was so in love with the whole Belthazor/Triad deal. I thought the cemetary scene was beautifully tragic and the fake vanquish was awesome.

Coyote Piper
Do I really even need to mention why I love this episode so much? Piper Table Dancing. 3 words I never thought I'd ever utter, much less see. That was so incredibly hilarious and entertaining to watch. I really wish I'd been able to see Shannen and Holly film the catfight scene, that must have been hilarious for them since they're such great friends.

The Good, The Bad, and the Cursed
The Western episode. So cute. I didn't enjoy seeing Phoebe in so much pain (I actually grimmiced a few times) but western Cole and Prue was awesome. Plus, the look on Victor's face as Leo orbed out was so great. Great direction by Shannen.

Just Harried
Aww, the ultimate Piper and Leo episode. The return of Patty is the best bonus ever. Prue as a biker chick was a cute twist, but I was overjoyed at the end when Piper and Leo finally got married. The final ceremony was beautiful and the vows were amazing.

Sin Francisco
One of those episodes that everyone seems to love. The use of the 7 deadly sins was something that worked so well with each of the girl's and Leo's personalities. And there's even a fanlisting for this episode: The Official Sin Francisco fanlisting

Look Who's Barking
Prue as a dog, Phoebe as a banshee. Classic. Just classic. Alyssa did a great job with the screaming and the blue eyes - we're not even going to get into the hair. And Piper's leadership finally coming through in the end as well as Phoebe and Cole's teary departure was heartfelt and painful.

All Hell Breaks Loose
Amazing episode. I don't even like to watch it a lot because it spurs such sadness. Holly Marie Combs was absolutely incredible. Piper's death scene gave me chills. And the final unveiling of the Source was very appropriete. Shannen Doherty did an amazing job yet I feel robbed of the eventual climax of such an amazing episode because of Shannen's departure from the show. The final scene, with the doors slamming & the glass breaking was the single most amazing shot I have ever seen.

Season Four

Charmed Again (pts. 1 & 2)
Under the circumstances, the writers did a great job tieing up the cliffhanger. I loved Paige right from the beginning, and that was a hard task to do for the writers. Rose McGowan was the absolute perfect replacement for Shannen. Plus, I finally got my wish for a 2 hour episode of Charmed.

Hell Hath No Fury
What fan didn't get misty-eyed at Piper's monologue at the end. Once again, Holly amazed us all. This whole episode was so awesome & it is definitely one of my top 5 favorites.

Enter the Demon
Not a lot of people loved this episode as much as I do, and I don't understand why. The martial arts was awesome, and just seeing Alyssa and Rose trying to act like each other was a nice laugh-fest. I would have loved to see the behind the scenes of this ep.

Black as Cole
Cole rocks. He really fricking does. Although his marriage proposal was a little random, I was still overjoyed by it. I loved seeing a backstory to Cole - since the writers barely scratched the surface of his 100+ year existance as Belthazor. Quite a twist at the end to kill off Belthazor, although I would have loved it if Phoebe has accepted his marriage proposal.

Charmed & Dangerous
Awesome. Amazing. Incredible. That pretty much sums up this entire episode. From the introduction of the Seer, to the use of the Hollow, and then vanquish of the Source as well as the reincarnation of him in Cole: this episode kicked butt. I remembered just seeing the previews excited me to no end for this episode, and that excitement was well deserved. The writing for this episode was some of the best ever.

Marry-Go Round
Aww, Phoebe's wedding episode. I was really excited for this one because there was quite the hype about it; plus, Phoebe's my favorite character. What I loved was that it closely followed Piper and Leo's attempts to get married. The 1st time they tried the elders orbed Leo away, the 2nd time Prue astralled away on a Harley, but the 3rd time was the charm. The 1st time Phoebe and Cole tried to get married they were possessed by the ghosts of Frankie & Lulu, the 2nd time the Lazarus demon attacked, preventing the ceremony, but the 3rd time was the charm. The actual wedding itself - at the very end - was so beautiful, even though it was a dark ceremony. And can I just say again how awesome a baddy the Seer is? She rocks. And so did this episode.

Long Live the Queen
When Phoebe's good, she's good; but when she's bad she's better! I love evil-Phoebe, and this was evil-Phoebe's episode to shine. It has been such a long time coming for Phoebe to go as bad as possible - and has been foreshadowed since "Is there a Woogy in the House". Like Phoebe said in that episode: she "could go either way" and she definitely went "the other way" in this ep. The vanquish of Cole/the source was heartbreaking, but tragically necessary. And the final scene with Piper and Paige in Phoebe's room was beautiful.

Womb Raider
Awesome awesome episode. I was so proud to be a Charmed fan by the time the credits rolled for this episode. Charmed hasn't always been top notch for continuity or tying up loose ends, but this episode went above and beyond. The use of the priest from "Marry-Go Round", the use of the Grimoire, the council leaders from "long live the queen" (including Dane, whom we all remember), the Seer's explanation of the vision she spoke of in "Charmed & Dangerous", including her master plan to rein as the Source herself: this was all brilliant, and wonderfully timed. The writing for this episode was incredible, and I'm so proud to be a fan of such a great episode.

Witch Way Now?
Ah, the season finale of such a chaotic season. So much has happened during season four, and the writers definitely topped it off with an extrodinary episode. It seemed fit to introduce a bad guy that was a human evil instead of a demon one. And the usage of the Angel of Destiny (who headmasters Chilton in his spare time over on the Gilmore Girls. *wink wink*) was a nice touch to reassure viewers that just because the Source is gone, doesn't mean the Charmed One's destiny is over. And the Britney Spears crack: classic. Just classic. This episode was a perfect end as well as a exciting beginning to an amazing season.