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Reviewed By:Rachel
Episode Name:That 70's Episode
Rating: 10!!!
Comments: I like it because it has their mother in it and their grandmother and just because it is so sad because their hole family either died or just went like their dad! but I would give it a 10! It is the bomb episode ever!

Reviewed By: Rachel
Episode Name: Give Me a Sign
Rating: 7
Comments: I only like it because Piper decides to get with Leo again and I think they make a cute couple!

Reviewed By: Rachel
Episode Name: Awakened
Rating: 10!!!
Comments: I think it is great because LEo comes back Piper doesn't die and it is so cool! I think that this is the best episode ever!

Reviewed By: Lee
Episode Name: Sin Francisco
Rating: 8
Comments: What more can I say that sexy Phoebe running about trying to sleep with every man around cos shes infected with lust! Quite hilarious and so too was Leo the slob LOL

Reviewed By: Greg Chew
Episode Name: Charmed Again
Rating: 6
Comments: First of all, I think that the starting scene wasn't very good. It was just too sudden. One moment Shax attacked and the next moment Piper is trying to bring Prue back to life? Too rushy. They should have made a little recap about what happened in "All Hell Breaks Loose". Secondly, Rose McGowan's acting is really lousy in this eppy. Maybe she needs to get seasoned a little.

Reviewed By: Angel Armstrong
Episode Name: There's a Woogy in the House
Rating: 8
Comments: ---

Reviewed By: Alicia
Episode Name: Special delivery
Rating: 10
Comments: I think it was so awesome the twist on the show. I wont say anything cause some people havent seen the show yet but believe me you will be surprised. Over all it was excellent Holly Marie Combs is the best actress ever and it shows through her Emotions acting

Reviewed By: kiree
Episode Name: all hell breaks loose
Rating: 10
Comments: sad but great

Reviewed By: Jess
Episode Name: Sense and Sense Ability
Rating: 9
Comments: I thought this epi was so hilarious it was great how alyssa really took to her character being deaf in the epi it was so funny to watch i was on the floor with a belly ache! so ROCK ON and KEEP IT UP!!! SHIBBY!!