Episode Titles
6.1: Valkyrie Vixens Part 1
6.2: Valkyrie Vixens Part 2
6.3: Forget Me Not
6.4: Power of Three Blondes
6.5: Love's a Witch
6.6: My Three Witches
6.7: Soul Survivor
6.8: Sword and the City
6.9: Little Monsters
6.10: Chris-Crossed
6.11: Witchstock

-Piper is forgetting Leo. It could be when Leo healed her. She looks at Leo s picture, and wonders who he is.

-Phoebe is getting Empathy, but doesn't realize it.

-Paige makes a potion to help Piper remember, but Phoebe doesn't want to take part in it, because she was stood up, and she wants to get back at the guy.

-Paige is a dog walker

-Leo is stuck in Valhalla.

-Chris made a deal with a norse God.

-Piper is slowly losing her powers.

-Darryl dies so that the girls can go to Valhalla. They need a hero's soul.

-Chris kills someone he knows, by crushing her. He also saves a fire man in a burning building shortly after that.

-Paige and Phoebe are aruging with Chris about Leo coming back, just so it ll help Piper remember, and he informs them that he's missing, and he says the elders think he was kidnapped.

-Alot of norse gods in this.

-Phoebe realizes something about Valhalla, but doesn't tell Paige right away

-Paige and Phoebe truged through a jungle.

-Chris knows a lot about Valkyries, and said that he's encountered them in the future. Knows of a pendant that they can use to get Leo back and prove who they are.

-All three sisters go to Valhalla. They take an urn filled with Darryl's soul and they release him. Freyja wants him to fight with The Gladiator(who doesn't want to fight), but Darryl just knocks the mask off, and it reveals Leo. That's when Piper remembers who Leo is. Her feelings come back to her and Phoebe feels everything that Piper's feeling.

The Power of Three Blondes- Three ditzzy sisters from the 20's steal the Charmed One's powers in an attempt to take over their identities. Meanwhile, the real Charmed One's must cope without their powers, fend off Gremlins and Phoebe is supposed to have plans for dinner with Jason.

Episode Title is Forget Me Not. No information is out on this, but it seems like they'll be helping someone with someone with emotional problems.

The Cleaners, dressed in all white, want to take away baby Wyatt from the Halliwells.

Leo is powerless, as an Elder, to do anything from stopping the Cleaners.

Apparently, baby Wyatt "conjured" the Dragon from seeing it on TV. The Cleaners give the Charmed Ones a chance to fix everything considering their good record on cleaning up after themselves.

Flo, Paige's co-worker (yes, Paige is now taking up a job as a receptionist) is harassed by the boss. Paige forgets that she made Flo a promise to help her deal with the boss. Instead Flo gets fired. However Paige's uses one of her interesting abilities to get back at Mr. Stewick, Flo's and Paige's boss.

Phoebe floors Elise, however this is due to her new power.

The girls broadcast levitating, orbing and spellcasting live on KQSF.

The three blonde sisters (as the Charmed Ones) make a failed attempt at the book in which they try to deciet the book.

Mabel, Mitzy and Margo decide to cast a spell to "steal" their identities. The three M's eventually get a hold of the book and the "witch" powers of the Charmed Ones. Phoebe's new empath power continues to be a struggle for both Phoebe and the blonde who replaces her. A rather funny entry is revealed in the Book of Shadows by the blonde sisters. Paige goes after the gremlins in a warehouse who try to run her over with a forklift. Leo catches Piper (who is actually Mabel) rolling around with some guy in the nursery. Phoebe (Mitzy) turns in a column to Elise completely in eyeliner. Piper is injured in the leg. Phoebe (Mitzy) makes a move for Jason at a restaurant...under the table.