Phoebe-Your single, your responsible, and way over due in the sex department. I say go for it.
Piper-I'm not way over due. (Pause) Ok, maybe just a little bit.

Phoebe-What do we have to lose?
Piper- Well, apparently we have our clothes to lose.

Rob-Clubs are an extremely high risk business, Piper. You could lose your shirt.
Piper- Well, it wouldn't be the first time today.

Phoebe-We're screwed.
Piper-And we're out of wine

Phoebe-And we didn't even have to get naked.

Piper-Want to tell me again how screwed we are?
Prue- Very screwed.
Piper- Thanks.

Piper (About helping Jenny with her sex project)-Don't worry, I have plenty of experience.
Dan- With sex?
Piper-No, with talking about it.

Piper (about Phoebe)-She's a walking Einstein with clevage.

Piper (about Leo)-The question is, where is the relationship?
Phoebe-Somewhere between confusing and complicated.
Piper-I'd rather just freeze him and kick him in the...(door bell rings)

Morris-Right, and this where you say Daryll, and I say Prue and you say something like 'what are you doing here'.

Piper-I wish we could just stick his head in a toilet and make him cough up the demon.
Phoebe-Honey, are you still upset with Leo?
Piper-I'm talking abotu Carlton.
Phoebe-I can't keep up.

Piper to Phoebe-Sweet dreams, don't kill anyone.

Phoebe-I mean Piper turned into a werewolf once.
Piper- A Wendigo.

(Prue's in bathroom)
Phoebe-C'mon it's been over an hour. (Whispers to Piper)Do you think she's touching herself?

Prue-How can I save anyone? Ok, I look rediculous! I'm wearing clothes from the ex-boyfriend pile, I have hair in strange places, and I have a penis!

Piper-All you have to do is visualive a man you admire and emulate him. The walk will follow.
(Prue walks)
Piper- The man you admire is Richard Simmons?

Phoebe-Did Manny just check out that girl's butt?
Piper-This is starting to get weird.
Phoebe-Starting to get weird? Where have you been?

Darla-Tell me...you're not a man, you're a women.
Manny-I'm a woman.
Darla- What?!

Piper-Looks like you learned something about being a man by being a man.

Piper-This is wrong. He should be battling acne at this age, not evil witches.

Phoebe-Well, I did find one spell, but it requires a human heart, and unfortunatly we're all still using ours.
Piper-Well, take mine. All it does is gets me in trouble.

Piper (thinks)Yeah, next time just get your own damn lipstick.
Prue (thinks)- I heard that.
Piper (thinks)- I love you.
Prue (thinks)- Bite me.

Phoebe (looks at Dan and thinks)-Nice butt.
Piper- Hey!

(Phoebe is sitting on frozen Eric)
Prue (thinks)- We have to go kill a warlock while she gets to sit on some guys...
Phoebe- Hey, hey, hey.
Prue- You heard that?
Phoebe-You think I need a hearing thoughts spell to know what you are thinking?

Prue-I fell asleep, I woke up, and suddenly it's Thursday.

Phoebe-Hey, do you recognize that person?
Prue-I know, she looks vaugely familier, kind of like a sister we used to have. What was her name?
Prue and Phoebe-Pip? Pippy? Pipe? Pipper? No...
Phoebe-What ever happened to her?
Prue-I don't know. She fell in love with the next door neighbor, started spending all of her time there.

Prue-Send flying.

Morris-I don't even want to know if you own a damn broom, a skillet, a cauldren, a dust buster. I don't give a damn.

Prue-Jack's scum.
Piper-so's dan.
Prue-Are you scum?
Piper-No, I'm not.

Phoebe-Hey, they don't call it "lover's leap" for nothing.
Cupid-Actually, lover's leap is a reference to suicide.

Piper-Wow, you are like Migiver with estrogen.

Leo-Now that I'm a mortal I'm gonna fight for you. May the best man win.

Phoebe-There's a party tommarrow night. You should come.
Phoebe-Because I'll be there.

Piper-Why don't they make a card that says 'You used to be my whiteliter and now your wings are clipped and you're sleeping in my club.'
Phoebe-Or how about 'You snooze you lose and now I'm getting naked with the neighbor.'

Phoebe (to animals)-I would like you all to know that I am a vegetarian. I have never eaten any of you.

Prue-Why do I have to carry the poisoness snake?
Piper-Cuz you're the oldest. You'ver lived a full life.
Prue-So, think that's their car over there?
Piper-What, you want me to ask them?
Prue-You know what, you're a smart ass.

Phoebe (about past life)-I was bad. I was very, very bad.

Phoebe-This is so embarressing. I haven't needed my big sister to walk me to school since the first grade.

Piper-You saw Dan?
Phoebe-He was your husband. Sorry Leo.
Leo-That's ok. I'm hoping Piper learns from her past mistakes.

Prue-It's just when you turn bad things tend to catch on fire.
Phoebe-And this is supposed to be making me feel better?

Phoebe-But it's ok to be bad sometimes, right?
Prue-Oh yeah, a lot.

Piper-Delivery man said he got a sign. Leonardo's beautique in Bodega Bay. Leo short for Leonardo, Bodega Bay, where Dan is from.
Piper-Don't act blonde. You cast that spell didn't you??

Prue-What are you doing here?
Phoebe-We're saving you from the tall dark and naked man!
Prue-I told you guys to stay away.
Phoebe-I see why. He is yummy.

Prue-He thanked me for changing his life.
Phoebe-YOu must of been *really good*...
Piper-...Influence on him.

Piper-What would I do without you?
Phoebe-Oh, suffer endlessly.

Prue-There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing glasses. I wear them.
Phoebe-Yeah, well, you are older. (Piper Laughs) Well, you are.
Prue-You know, I really hope that the Demon of Vanity isn't after you because your soul would be toast.

Piper-Wanna see what does freeze? (Freezes Cryto)

Phoebe-Well, I'm always gonna wanna be a witch.
Prue-She's young.

Prue (Takes picture of Piper)-I think I'll call this women pretending not to look out the window.
Piper-How about girl about to pour hot tea on sister's head?

Piper-I know, I just feel like Dan got the short end of the stick.
Prue-There are so many ways I could go with that, but I think I'll just...
Piper-Thank you.

Finly (ignoring Prue)-So, when is this photographer blessing us with his presence?
Prue-That would be me.
Finly-You're 12.
Prue-Oh, I'm good.

Piper-It wasn't much of a date last night, wanna find some seats in the back and makeout before demon hunting?

Piper-I'm being stalked by a psycho killer and I hide in the shower?!

Piper-Ewwww...it tastes like ass...(Billy gives her a look)...phault.

Leo (in shower)-Piper, could use pass me a towel? Prue?!
Prue (enjoying this thoroughly)-Leo?...nice orbs...

Leo (to Phoebe, cleaning out Piper's closet)-Ever done it on a cloud?
Phoebe-I don't know, does a feather bed count?
Leo-Phoebe?! I thought you were Piper.

Piper-Prue, you're back early.
Prue- Yes, that's because a MONKEY astral projected to me on the set today.
Phoebe-A monkey?
Piper-Astral projected?
Prue-Yeah, and it waved at me like it knew me or something. I think it needed my help.
Phoebe-Honey, I think you're working way too hard.
Piper-Prue, honey, I don't think monkeys can astral project.

Morris-In my professional opinion, the whole city has lost its fricken mind.

Phoebe-Why does everyone always Phoebe me?

Phoebe (flying)-Piper! I can't get down! I don't know how I got up.

Phoebe-Flying's awesome. It's the landing part that's a bitch.

Leo- Prue's up in the bedroom checkin out the clothes