here is a list of all the Charmed merchandise I own, plus the stuff I would like to get.

  • Charmed mouse pad (picture)
  • Charmed Books:
    Power Of Three
    Kiss of Darkness
    The Crimson Spell
    Whispers from the Past
    Voodoo Moon
    Haunted by Desire
    The Gypsy Enchantment
    The Legacy of Merlin
    Soul of the Bride
    Beware what you Wish
  • The Book of Shadows: The Unofficial Charmed Companion book
  • "Three Witches" mug (picture)
  • Logo Shotglass (picture)
  • Double-Sided Keychain (picture)
  • "Prue, Piper, & Phoebe Close-Up" 8x10 (picture)
  • "Cast on Green Chair" 8x10 (picture)
  • Alyssa Milano short hair 8x10 (no picture)
  • Logo Pin (picture)
  • "Cast with Moon" t-shirt (picture)
  • "Celtic Spectrum" t-shirt (picture)
  • Official Charmed Poster (No picture)
  • Charmed Series One Trading Cards


  • Stainless Steel Travel Mug (picture)
  • Power of Three Shotglass (picture)
  • White Cappucino Mug (picture)
  • Logo Cappucino Mug (picture)
  • "Triquatra" Shirt (picture)
  • Cast Arms Intertwined t-shirt (picture)
  • Cast Portrait t-shirt (picture)
  • Celtic Knot Ring (picture)
  • Celtic Knot Necklace (picture)
  • Three Hearts Shooter Glass (picture)
  • Cast Autographed Plaque
  • Cast "Smoke" Magenet (picture)

    Most of this merchandise was purchased at Power Star Merchandise. The 8x10's and mouse pad were purchased at a store called "Hollywood USA" in San Francisco, California. The Charmed Books can be purchased at most bookstores including Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.