Hi! and welcome to Charmed Rocks! A website dedicated to the best show on television: Charmed. It's a show about 3 sisters that are witches and help protect the innocent, while trying to live normal lives. I love Charmed more than any other tv show out there, and for good reason: The acting is amazing, the scripts are wonderfully written, and the special effects are just incredible. Charmed stars Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Brian Krause, and Julian McMahon & can be seen Sunday nights @ 8PM EST on the WB.

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NOTICE... I went through all my old "Charmed Rocks" e-mail and found a lot of useless messages which made me re-think some of the sections of this site. As for the actress bios, a lot of people were e-mailing me with useless info, unreliable "facts", and other assorted nonsense (such as: "what do you know about alyssa? response: she's hot" I've gotten at least 30 of those messages) and other people telling me my info was wrong. So I'm taking off the facts and putting in the actress bios from their websites so if some info is wrong, blame the sites, not me. Since Holly, Rose, and Shannen don't have sites, I'm taking the info from professional sites such as IMDB. (Yes, I realize the credibility of the IMDB is questionable, but find me a better site and I'll use it.) As for the picture pages, I'm working on it - tripod only gives me so much space and I'd respect that if they didn't insist on putting 2-3 ads on each page, so screw them. I have another tripod site where the picture pages will be located. I'm also removing all images that can be found on Alyssa's page, since they waste space and you all can go to Alyssa's site to get them anyway. As for applying for the award, I can't keep up with all the site requests, so I'm making an award for the taking. Special awards will be given out to those of my choosing. So don't apply for the award. If you'd like to become an affiliate, please feel free to e-mail me - i have no limit to the number of affiliates I'll have. As for new stuff, with the beginning of season 6 I promise more content. I've been working on a way to upload some videos I have for your downloading pleasure, but so far, I can't find a server that will allow me to do so. If you know of any, please e-mail me so I can use that space to give you all what I've accumulated.

Updates to all sections are, as usual, found on the updates page.

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