COMMENTARY: Thoughts RE: Return of Shannen

I think Shannen should come back for the fans. It takes more courage to come back and do an episode not for your sake, but for the fans' sake, than it does to just stay away and hold a grudge. I'm more familiar with Alyssa than Shannen, so I can't say whether she's the kind of person that would hold a grudge, but I like to think that she's a bigger person than that. I'd love to see Prue again - I dream about it like, every day, but part of me thinks that that probably won't ever happen b/c of the bad blood between Spelling and Shannen.

Ok, I know I can shout this till I'm blue in the face and some people will still tell me that I'm nuts but - Alyssa.Did.Not.Get.Shannen.Fired. Face it - there was tension between the 2 of them, yeah maybe they had their occasional tiff, but that is not enough to get Shannen fired. We're not hearing the entire story. I truly believe that Shannen was ready and willing to take more risks with the show & everyone was ignoring her. Compare what happened with 90210 and what happened with Charmed - Shannen was sick of the way Brenda was being portrayed on 90210 & she wanted out, so she did what she could do leave - she rebelled. But with Charmed, she realized that rebelling was not the best way to go, so she instead was just very unhappy on the set. I'm not sure (and none of us can really pin point) what happened behind the scenes but the main fact is that it was NOT Alyssa's fault!! I know a lot of people will say "Uh, yeah it was!" If you watched Revealed w/Alyssa you'll notice that she said there was never a big falling out & that there was just tension - but not fighting. What I take from both Alyssa and Shannen's comments is that Shannen is the type of girl that likes to get disagreements out of the way - she's confrontational & wants to get the bad vibes out in the open and out of the way but Alyssa is very non-confrontational & wants to let the dust settle. When you put these 2 very drastic personality traits next to each other there are very explosive consequences. Basically, Shannen wanted to get everything out in the open and out of the way, and Alyssa doesn't like to fight so she'd rather not - & that's what caused the tension. That makes more sense than people saying that Alyssa went to Spelling and said "her or me." (Which, BTW, DID NOT HAPPEN!!)

It's easy to find someone to blame when something you don't understand happens. We all didn't understand why this happened, and most of us are still hurting in some way, but it is not fair to blame Alyssa. Even in the slightest. She didn't cause this. She would never wish someone to be fired and I know that you all know that. If you really want to blame someone, blame Aaron Spelling - he's the one that made the call. It's not the writers' fault, nor the cast or crew, or any of the producers. When it comes right down to it, Aaron Spelling fired Shannen. Blame him.

None of us will ever know the entire story. I have a feeling the only 3 people that know exactly what happened are Alyssa, Holly, and Shannen. And maybe it's best if it stayed that way. What happened with Shannen is very very unfortunate, and I'm with all of you when I say that I truly pray for her return every single day, but it does no good to blame Alyssa for all this. It's better to accept this whole ordeal as an unfortunate incident and hang on to the hope that someday, somehow, we'll see Prue again.