COMMENTARY: episode 3.1 "The Honeymoon's over"

Ok, first of all, my favorite line of the whole night: "don't hold my hand"-(prue) even though that line seemed really plain...think about what she was saying "when I use my power to open that door and you're holding my're gonna go with it." ;) LOL I thought it was the cutest, best placed line in the entire show.

And kids, this is the beginning of one hell of a good season. From this one episode they hint at all kinds of things. About the wedding, "them", Cole, the heirachy of evil, and tons more. And also...I'm still wondering about a shot of Leo after Phoebe said "well I never levited before" and then they cut to Leo who has a very worried look on his this to mean that Leo knows something that Pheebs doesn't about her power(s) or is it really just a camera shot. Look at it again and think of this.

Also, the entire storyline was brilliant. There wasn't one predictable thing throughout the entire show, even right down to the answer to leo's question to piper. Notice on how they spring that one on...("have you changed your mind?"-phoebe "no"-piper) which leads the viewers to think that she'll say no...then out of the blue says yes, which may seem a little strange, but i think that was brilliant. (Notice how I notice the very little things about Charmed)

Also, Cole: ooh boy this is gonna be good. He's got some hidden story, which alone is awesome...but then there's the question of good or evil. It's too soon to make any decisions or form any opinions so all I'll say is: He's got a major story and he seems to have taken a liking to Phoebe. I can't really say if he's good or evil because he seems like, a lot of both.