Magic Wears A Mask: Running from Problems

by Lisa Eiseman ~10/13/2002

"Reality can be beaten with enough imagination." -Anon

Imagination makes the world go round. Without imagination we wouldn't be where we are today. All of our everyday tools (machines, technology, etc.) can be accredited to someone's imagination.

There have been many times where people were laughed at for their ideas, only to make their idea become a reality. With Kevin's imagination, his ideas took the form of superheroes. His feelings that he needed protection manifested his drawings into reality. Only until Arnon showed Kevin that he had the ability to make his drawings come to life did things go array.

Facing problems is an everyday occurrence for everyone. All of the sisters are dealing with their own problems. As both Kevin and the sisters found out, dealing with your problems face on is a much better solution than hiding behind a mask.

Knowing the moral of the episode, look at how each of the sisters dealt with their own problems.

Not only is she worrying about being able to fight demons while pregnant, she is also trying to figure out how to continue to run a successful business. Additionally, Piper learns that her sisters are trying to help relieve her stress by shielding her from "charmed" problems.

Piper learned that she was no longer the only person she was thinking or acting for. She had to remember that her "daughter" is becoming the most important person in her life. Her child's well being will become the foremost thought in her life. Learning that sometimes she needs to give in and accept help is probably going to be very hard. Piper, as the original middle sister, was the one usually providing support. Having her role change to mother, she will now become the caregiver to someone who come from herself, will change her role a third time. Seeing how well Piper deals with the pregnancy will probably determine how well she handles her future and that of her daughters.

Paige's problem was a little more implausible and forced. For beginners, it was unnerving to learn that Paige had only been seeing David for three weeks and was already engaging in sex. Having her deal with reaching her sexual peak was something very new for this show to explore. Seeing that many of its viewers are of the younger age group, it was just out of the ordinary for the show's writers.

However, Paige did face the problem and did get it corrected in the end. The only question now: How long will David last?

Phoebe's problems were a little less evident. She is still struggling to end her marriage to Cole, even knowing she still has feelings for him. Phoebe has been the most complex character in the series. She has always had problems (being the youngest, turning to the dark side, etc.) but it seems lately that her problems are beginning to build up.

Her new responsibilities at the newspaper have her swamped. Her feelings for Cole still have her making a connection with him. And her powers have been questionable as of late. It seems that Phoebe hasn't really been dealing with her problems, but running. Last night's episode was a clear sign. Phoebe didn't want to deal with Cole's killing the slumlord, instead she ran.

It looks like next week we'll see just how far she has run and what the consequences and results that running has brought her.

Leo and Cole
Both Leo and Cole have had small issues that they've dealt with in the last episodes. It doesn't seem like any major problems are really in their way. It was nice, however, to hear someone else tell Leo not to be meek simply because he is an angel. This is a hopeful sign that we will see a more involved Leo in the upcoming episodes.

Cole hasn't been doing much expect trying not to use his powers. After next week, we should be able to determine how involved he will be for the rest of the season.

Largely, this episode was disappointing. The actors didn't have much material to work with, without coming up too campy. Really a filler episode, at best, it was substandard in the level that viewers come to expect. In all, viewers expect an overriding theme for the season, some impending doom. Having no mortal danger has led the show to set a very dull pace. Looking forward to an event is something that helps move the season along (allowing for less than stellar filler episodes to occur). So far, Charmed has no overall opponent the sisters must fight, no big disaster impending, or a potential for a "bliss moment." Given this, viewers are bound to ask: What are they working towards, why are they watching, what is the pay off? This season, thus far, has not met expectations set by viewers.

It was nice to finally meet an elder, interesting that Piper didn't have a little more to say about how unhappy they have made her life.

So Baby Halliwell is going to be more powerful than anyone can expect. Does anyone wonder where the producers are taking this storyline? If the baby were going to be so powerful, wouldn't there be some demons in the underworld wanting to destroy the child?

Cole doesn't want to use his powers, but if his back is against a wall, he will.

So the costumes weren't as bad as expected, but what was up with Paige's sailor dress? Can't that girl get some color from the wardrobe department?

Once again, can't wait to see Leo fight. Remember last season's sword fight?