SOTA - "Charmed" Action Figures Announced

Collectors to get "Charmed" in 2004!

Move over Angelina "Lara Croft" Jolie, Tomb Raider's heroine isn't the only femme fatale that S.O.T.A. is producing in action figure form! The heroines of the weekly TV show "Charmed" will get immortalized by the company next February.

SOTA president Jerry Macaluso previously worked on "Charmed" in his capacity as the head of special effects company, S.O.T.A. F/X. "The last (episode) we did, (the characters) got turned into little statues. We made little statue versions of them," he explains.

For S.O.T.A.'s "Charmed" action figure collection, the actresses were scanned from head to toe, and -- in contrast to the company's "Tomb Raider" toys -- "These won't be highly articulated. I love (MAC's Clayburn Moore's work), but this is my call out to Clay in a very fun, friendly, 'hopefully everything gets better in terms of quality' way. I want to kick Clay's butt. The first line won't (include former "Charmed" actress) Shannon Doherty. That's not to say we won't do her. It'll be the three witches (in the current cast) and then somebody else."