Sept. 7 - 13, 2001

September 22

Where we left off: Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) was headed for demon divorce court when her husband Cole (Julian McMahon), newly resurrected from the dead, vowed to never give up on her. Paige (Rose McGowan) survived her first year as a witch without losing any of her loopy vulnerability. Oh, yeah: Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is pregnant.

It's back because...Luctarive demographic, anyone? The show hasn't conjured Emmy nominations or even decent ratings, but judging by the dozens of Internet fan sites, those tuning in tend to be 8-to 34-year-olds.

Magica mama: "We want to bring fun Phoebe back," says executive producer Brad Kern. "She got caught up in the underworld last season, and that got kind of dark." Meanwhile, Piper's pregnancy promises to be an enchanting affair. "The baby is half witch and half whitelighter [a witch protector]," says Kern, taking after her mommy and daddy Leo (Brian Krause), respectively.

The white light: Kicking off with a two-hour premiere in its new night and time, Charmed-no longer trying to cast its spell opposite Friends-has a fresh opportunity to shine.

Matt's forecast: This cult series is being asked to do the near-impossible: jump-start what is almost literally WB's night of the living dead.