It's 7am and the girls from Charmed have already been at work for over an hour. Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and the power of three's newest addition - Rose McGowan - are on the suburban Los Angeles set and ready to start the day.

"We've kind of gotten back into our groove. There was definitely a regrouping and we had to redefine the chemistry and find out what worked with Rose but it was definitely an adjustment because we were a pretty well oiled machine for the last three years," Holly says.

That well-oiled machine hit a bump in the road last year when Shannen Doherty left the bewitching hit series. Whether she resigned or was sacked is still a taboo subject on set but rumours of a tiff with Alyssa and an off-screen relationship with Charmed co-star Julian McMahon were tabloid fodder. This year, the cast has moved on and seem determined to put the past behind them.

Rose joined the cast at the start of the season after Shannen's character Prue died. Rose plays Paige - Piper and Phoebe's long-lost half sister.

Girlfriend spent the day hanging out on set as Alyssa, Holly and Rose gave us an inside peek into what really goes on when the cameras switch off. part 2 later

starting on tuesday september 3rd Charmed will reair seasons 1 and 3 on TNT